Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The New Domestic At Home

Last summer, I had the pleasure of shooting Nerissa Goco, and her daughter Luna, at her home that she shares with husband Peter Hoang. Nerissa is the talented graphic designer behind The New Domestic. Love her textiles and bags. Their fantastic 70's rancher is featured in this month's Style At Home. Thought I'd share some of it with you...

Nerissa and Peter have such a great eye for putting together all their vintage finds and collectibles. It's done sparingly too, which makes for a calm bedroom. 

Not only is Nerissa an amazing graphic designer, she can bake too. 

I love the clever little display crate....and the blueberry crumble pie. Let's just say, we shot this as fast as we could ;)  

Snack time for Luna, in their new kitchen. The wall of bamboo, outside the window, looks so pretty and better than any old curtain or blind for privacy. 

Mom and daughter crafting it up in their well stocked craft room. 

What do you think of their happy home? Could you live there? I could. 

Have a good day!


Meesh @ I Dream of Chairs said...

A very cute space. I love the playful mix and could totally live there, especially if there were blueberry crumble and fresh coffee involved!

nestingjournal said...

love their home. I went for tea recently and secretly wanted to set up shop! you captured it so well!

PinkPanthress said...

Aw, the first Time in Months online for me & such a nice blog entry of yours to 'ooh & ahh' over! :)

P.S.: I can see some Burce Lee there.

Vintage Home said...

Fun bright & strikingly hip!
...ah you know I love vintage & they have done it so stylishly & as you say ...calm!
Fun &

Lauren Kolyn said...

the natural light throughout their home is spectacular!

Danielle Hardy said...

That is one well decorated home. I love the mix of eclectic and vintage but isn't overdone. So bright and cheery. Obviously could live there! Great photos!

Dee said...

Lovely light spaces.

Laura Bear said...

Oh what a lovely home! So bright and you captured it beautifully.
and I love that red high-chair! I wonder where I can find it..

Heather Cameron said...

I love this family - and their home. Nerissa designed the labels for my jam line. She is amazing. Love the new kitchen...didn't have that when I was there!

elisa said...

oh does she, heather? it is sweet and bright. gorgeous work, janis. x

Pinecone Camp said...

Let me work backwards on the comments now!

Elisa, Nerissa is a talented graphic artist. Their home is just so cute and clever. Nothing over the top. Perfect.

Heather, yes the kitchen was a no show when you were there the first go around. It's so light and airy.

Laura, I'll see if I can find out about that chair!

Danielle, it is adorable, but might be too small for your growing brood!!

Pink Panthress, yes, Bruce Lee. Who doesn't love him?

Meesh, I wish blueberry crumble pie and coffee would just appear in my kitchen every morning.

Nerissa Goco said...

Thank you for the sweetest comments.

PinkPanthress: Those are vintage Bruce Lee finds!

Laura Bear: The highchair is a craigslist find that we painted red. But you can find them at Ikea in brown. Just lightly sand it, give it a coat of primer then paint any colour you want.

Heather Cameron: You know how much I love collaborating with you! Yes, the kitchen is new. It was renovated the summer of 2011.

Janis: Thanks for such a lovely post. Fantastic photos as usual.


Lily from Birch + Bird said...

Those massive dining lights are to die for and, yes, I could move right in! Gorgeous home :)

Amy Walters said...

I flipped through my latest Style at Home just the other day and was blown away by this home's interior. I loved! Wonderful captured their vintage treasures and curated style beautifully, Janis. I could DEFINITELY live here.

AnnaVallance said...

Love that kitchen and the craft room!

lyndsay said...

cute!! love the kitchen ... such a nice bright home! ^__^ and luna is so cute!

Christine Bletcher said...

Great job, beautiful home and wonderful joyful pictures. said...

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