Friday, February 14, 2014

Keeping It Simple - Origami

Hello everyone!

Today I'm sharing a simple origami DIY, that has a variety of it's easy and fun to do.

For this project, I wanted to make holders for mini succulents to be used as place cards for a brunch. You can use any paper you like, but I scanned two contrasting fabrics, double-sided, to make mine. I cut down the paper to 9"x12" to make my 3" containers/boxes. I also used a bone folder (seen in video) to make sharp creases (important in origami). I asked my husband to make a short video, as he was heading out the door, of the action - easier than step by step pics!


That's it! I've also made these for candle holders for backyard parties, and for holding individual servings of party popcorn. If you give these a whirl, let me know! 



PinkPanthress said...

Ah, I have the exact same bone folder at the Library, for covering the hardcovers. :)

Beautiful Tutorial, well made & easy to understand... thanks to You & your Hub!
I like Origami, but sometimes those drawn Tutorials confuse me a bit, so this was a nice change.

Have a lovely Weekend!

P.S.: The double-sided pattern dissolves my pet peeve in Origami... white sides.

Stimuli Magazine said...

LOVE this!

Sheryl Spencer said...

We are so doing this tomorrow! Thanks for the video, I shouldn't mess it up now :-)

Meesh @ I Dream of Chairs said...

Very cute, the origami and the teeny succulents. :) Scanning fabric is a genius idea!

Dagmar said...

Just as simply sweet as can be! :) hope your day went well!

silverpebble said...

Bah! So sweet. Huge thanks Janis

Amy Walters said...

These are so fun! Love the video your hubby shot.

Vintage Home said...

oh I love the idea of scanning are so smart!
I am smitten with these wee boxes! Love the idea of doing this for a hostess gift!

elisa said...

adorable, through and through. the children will love this, particularly as i am a dunce at origami x said...

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