Friday, August 28, 2009

Not Much of a Gardener

Just got home from a long day of shooting product. Back hurts from my improper photography stance. To make myself feel better, I'm eating some Missing Goat cardamom peach jam all by itself, right out of the jar. Wow. It's quite incredible.  

I've mentioned that I'm not much of a gardener, and either is my husband. When the Mayor of Vancouver, Gregor Robertson, decided that city hall needed a community garden, I thought we should have one too.  I discovered it is not an easy project (for us anyway!). 

We have a tiny back yard, so the vegetable patch is really tiny. When I planted two scrawny, and almost dead, tomato plants I had no idea they would grow so tall.  They are as tall as me, when I pick up a branch (is that the correct terminology?) from the ground.  I didn't provide any support for these poor tomato plants, but they still seem to be doing ok as there are heaps of pear tomatoes all over it.  It's a tangled mess though.  Beets and carrots look like they might eventually become edible too.  Fingers crossed. 

I took a couple of quick shots of the city hall garden, and a few from our garden.  Any helpful gardening tips would be welcomed! 

A beet, isn't it?

A tangled mess of pear tomatoes

Vancouver City Hall community garden

Renee, tending her garden at City Hall


Heather Cameron said...

sounds like I need to come visit - 1. because you need garden help, 2. because you need me to hook you up with more jam!

janis nicolay said...

Would you please? You can't laugh too hard though. We'll have a nice salad with the 3 tomatoes that are ripe!

shellie said...

hopefully your garden is better this lucky to have heather as your friend!