Tuesday, September 18, 2012

An Early Taste of Thanksgiving

A couple of months ago, on a hot summer day, I shot a Thanksgiving story with Sarah & Murray Bancroft. Sarah is the editor-in-chief of VitaminDaily and Murray is a talented chef and food stylist.  Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October - right around the corner and I can't wait.

Thought I'd share some of the day with you...

Sarah and Murray's daughters, Emmanuelle and Charlotte, help with dinner by digging up potatoes from the garden.

The "kid's table" decorated in deep oranges and pinks. Plates and bed spread (used as a table cloth) from The Cross

Emerson digs into her Pear Tarte Tatin. 

The menu. 

Sarah sets the table for dinner. 

For Sarah's tips on entertaining with kids, and loads more pics, click here or pick up the October issue of Today's Parent. The recipes are fantastic!


Vintage Home said...

well that all looks wonderful!

Carola said...

So lovely shots! wonderful look and a taste of sun in this cold winter.


Amy Walters said...

I love the kids table! I want my dining area to look like that ;)

Birch + Bird said...

I love that a bedspread was used as a table cloth...such great colours! Beautiful shots, as per usual :)

Rosa @ FlutterFlutter said...

Beautiful! We had volunteer potatoes this year... it was so exciting digging them up! :)

Holly said...

Ooooh! Are those Bocci pendants over the dining table in the last image?!

I really like the deep mauves and purples paired with earthy neutrals in your top images.

Lovely all around, thanks for sharing :)

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

I love the kid's table idea - super cute! :) x

Callie Grayson said...

Gorgeous shots!
I love this time of year!

PinkPanthress said...

I love the "Grown-up's" table in the last image, such a sturdy piece.

The Germans celebrate 'Erntedankfest' (Harvest Festival/Thanksgiving) in October, too, unlike others in November. ;)

P.S.: I always find it funny how magazine's shoot certain Holidays beforehand. But in the shots you can (sometimes clearly) see(or rather feel?) that the sun light(-source) is not the way it would look like, if it had been shot at the right time of the Holiday.

P.P.S.: Their Daughters look cute. *tütütü* Nazar olmasın! ^_^

Meesh @ I Dream of Chairs said...

In this case, it would be an honour to sit a the kid's table. ;) The menu sure looks scrumdillyicious!

lisaroyhandbags said...

Your shots are so gorgeous! Love those purple potatoes. The styling is so pretty. And what a lovely home! :)

Shopgirls Boutique said...

So many great ideas! Heading over to read the article!

Danny said...

ooooo all of those purples are beautiful.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

that looks awesome janis. what a gorgeous table! xx

ordinette said...

Hi Janis!
I am definitely in love with their table and the way it has been set up.
Have a great day!