Friday, February 17, 2012

Attic Office for Friday

Thought I'd wrap up the week with a peek inside a house that I shot, the owners of which happen to be architects. My favourite room was their office/lounge-around room/sometimes playroom. So uncluttered, simple and beautiful with lovely light. I absolutely love the floor!

I think I need to get Neema and Tim over here to help me organize a little bit better. Correction. Organize full stop. 

Have a great weekend! Got any plans? 

Back soon,


Vanessa said...

I love that little house in the last photo.

My 'fella and I are going to a boxing match (my Valentine's present), can't wait! Have a lovely weekend, yourself. :)

amy walters said...

Love the simplicity...and of course all the light! My home office (essentially just the area in front of my living room window) is so dark and dingy. I feel so inspired by these homeowners' space!
I am looking forward to spending time with my designer friend from Saskatchewan. Hope you have a lovely weekend Janis!

Kerry said...

Wow the lighting is amazing!! I have some family stuff this weekend....a birthday party and then a new baby girl was born yesterday so a second birthday party you could say!

Tan said...

(*waves from Vic*)
I absolutely ADORE this space. First off, it's an attic, which always makes me happy. Secondly it's so bright and airy which I just love. I feel like I could get a lot of work done in that office!

elisa said...

i could get a lot of work done in there! exquisite light and the floors are beautiful. a quiet weekend for us after a busy week in london and before it all goes mad for a few weeks!

PinkPanthress said...

No clutter, even on the desk & so much free space... while you're at it, I could use a visit from those two, too. ;)

A gorgeous weekend to you as well.

We'll have a long weekend here 'cause of Carnival with that Shrove Monday Parade, so I'll have to stay home except for a few walks with the dog unless I want to be pestered by lots of drunk people in silly costumes. :/

briannelee said...

What a gorgeous attic space. I love how light and bright it is.

Vintage Home said...

oh I wish I had the discipline to have a room as serene as this! Stunning light & magnificent floors
Great pictures on your last few plsts...don't know how I missed them!
Take care! Have a great weekend...we are using the weekend to get better from illness!...yuk!

tinyparticlesoflight said...

A beautifully clean room, indeed! I love the miniatures too.

Speaking of organizing - that's always on the list of things to do. This weekend that includes the garage. Yikes!

happy weekend

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

wow, wish my office space was that pulled together!

i'm giving yoghurt making a go this weekend, will either be spectacular, or a spectacular mess!!

hope you have a lovely one xxxx

Sarah(Gather&Glean) said...

Wow, a beautiful space. I so admire anyone who can live in a minimalist home. I'm spending the weekend trying to gain some control in my home's maximalist chaos!

McMaster and Storm said...

simply beautiful........we have a space that is similar however, it's not finished yet. attic spaces are fun!
I'm going to enjoy my family this weekend.
xo said...

I really like your blog:) Great pics and som much inspration...I wish you a lovely week
LOVE Maria at

Birch + Bird said...

Oh, how I dream of an office space as serene as this! Love it...thanks for sharing :)