Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend Observations

I hope you had a great weekend! What did you get up to?  My weekend included a little live painting, a new "girl crush" and a touch of wild nature.....

We went for a bit of a hike at Lynn Headwaters, in North Vancouver. It's about a 25 minute drive from our home in Vancouver. Pretty stunning place. Dense, mossy, loveliness. 

I was familiar with Zoe's work, but I hadn't met her in person. She was painting all weekend at the Fours Seasons in Vancouver, so we popped down to watch. I love her. She's mom to two kids, and a full-time artist. Her paintings are beautiful. If you're in the Vancouver area, she opens her new show on May 31st. Click here for more info. Hope to see you there!

Bye for now! Back soon...


tinyparticlesoflight said...

Oh, those beautiful mossy trees! Thanks for sharing Zoe's work - I have a crush now too!


Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

beautiful! the trees and the artwork-
Marie @
Lemondrop ViNtAge

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Looks like a beautiful weekend on all fronts! :) Have a great week, Janis! xx

keishua said...


Vintage Home said...

everything is always better over here!
stunning pictures!

holly@hvhinteriors said...

How exciting to see a painter in action. I'd love to watch that as I like painting myself. Sometimes I watch online videos, but it's not the same as live.

Looks like a fab weekend :)

PinkPanthress said...

*gulps* you had me at that (first) glorious image.
So much green... me want that, now!

Lovely works of your 'girlscrush', too... and what do my mute ears smell there, is that a new blog header you have? Beau-Ti-Ful!!!

Missing Goat said...

I get the girl crush - her work is lovely. Wish I had more time to paint - heck, I just wish I had two functioning hands right now!

Maria at said...

AMAZING POST:) Your blog is so wonderful and I will happily follow.

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Have an awesome week.

LOVE Maria at