Friday, January 11, 2013

Soft and Pretty Friday

It's a beautiful, crisp and sunny day here in Vancouver. I love this kind of winter weather!

Wrapping up the week with a little soft & pretty courtesy of Joanna and Stephanie of The Cross Design.....

More on this home in the near future!

Anything special planned for the weekend? Have a good one!



tinyparticlesoflight said...

These photos are certainly soft and pretty! I love the wooden beads and the clean soft atmosphere. We've been having bright cold weather here (by CA standards that is!) and it's been pretty too.

Enjoy your weekend, Janis!


PinkPanthress said...

Sunny in Canada. While, over here, we're freezing our ...hands off!? ;)

Awesome photographs, they're very inspiring!!!

A beautiful weekend to you, too.
I'm planing on sleeping a lot & drinking lots of herbal tea 'cause I feel bad & need to be back at the School Library on Monday.

Lily from Birch + Bird said...

Lovely pics! Can't get enough of this sunshine too, crisp though it may be :) Hope you're having a great weekend! ~Lily

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

so, so beautiful!! your eye for detail and amazing photog skills truly bring any space into the most aesthetically pleasing light. i love the softness in these snap shots, very tranquil vibe and i wouldn't mind to curl up in front of that fireplace on a cold winters night either ;)

oh how our weather in Van has become gorgeous this past week, loving the sunshine too.

happy new year wishes Janis! i hope it continues to be filled with cheers + charms - xo ♥

lisaroyhandbags said...

What a pretty, relaxing space! So glad you are having some lovely winter sunshine! It makes all the difference. xo

Jennifer Findlay said...

I'm drooling over the chaise lounger and all the girly glam!!!

Vintage Home said...

...just dreamy!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

that's a beautiful home darl, i look forward to seeing more!

nothing special here, trying to get back to some pre-holiday routines, but i'm struggling with it!! hope you have a lovely weekend xx said...

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