Friday, February 1, 2013

Spreading The Love with an Umbrella

Happy Friday! Hope you've all had a good week.

I've recently had the pleasure of being part of the The Love Umbrella Project. Thirteen community leaders were partnered with professional photographers to create an image, using at least one heart shaped umbrella, to show how love illuminates our community. 

It was such a fantastic experience. I was so happy to be paired up with the incredible women of Project Limelight. To use their words:

"At Project Limelight, we want to unleash the imagination, awaken curiosity and give children the opportunity to experience the magic of applause. We have set out to develop a program that offers youth living in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside a safe place to build and artistic community."

Today is Day 1 of 13 days of sharing the images that were created. There will be an exhibition and silent auction, held in Vancouver, on February 14th. To see the first image and for more information, please check out The Love Umbrella Project.  Help spread the love!

Have a great weekend!