Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Observations

Wow, that was one fast weekend. Where did it go? Hope you all enjoyed your two days!

Today I observed that scraps of fabric, left over from a DIY project, can make a nice addition to a last minute gift wrap.  

I've decided that arepas are my new favourite food, along with a margarita. You can find these, and heaps more, at Latitude (pic below).  Arepas created by chef Lisa Henderson, traditional margarita by Nick Devine. If you don't know (I didn't), arepas are grilled corn cakes filled with all sorts of goodness. Mine had wild prawns, arugula and smoked paprika mayo. Mmmm.

A little Sunday etsy shopping to share with you. Deedee 9:14 is the perfect place for a mid-century style print.

That's it for now. Back on Monday! Night, night.


sunday collector said...

Yum - arepas sound good! I had an amazing Margarita on Saturday night too, it had a little bit of honey drizzled on top, which I had never seen before.

Cornflakes and Honey said...

Yes, I feel like the weekend passed in a flash. How does that happen when you relax and do nothing? Doesn't seem fair does it! Will have to give arepas a go, never had or heard of them before. x

Vintage Home said...

Well that looks yummy...and the fabric adorable!

Design Elements said...

looks yummy...happy new week

Razmataz said...

Your gift looks lovely...newspaper can be proved it.

I made the marble cake and it was wonderful...I posted a link back to your recipe on my blog.


silverpebble said...

Love the combination of newsprint and fabric - really fresh.

Arepas you say? I'm going to investigate. In the UK the equivalent is a pasty. My tots like anything that's like a little pastry parcel.

lisaroyhandbags said...

Mmm sounds yummy - but then anything paired with a margarita is great to me! The fabric is such a cute idea and i agree- what a great etsy shop!
Its nice to take an evening to catch up on my favourite blogs while cozy in my Dubai hotel. Still about 5 days to go! :)

Pinecone said...

The wrap is really!

Diana said...

I need to go there again! I absolutely, undeniably loved the tacos there, and I'm sure these arepas are equally as delicious!

I need to get out more. I can't believe all this delicious food I'm missing out on.

Pinecone Camp said...

Sunday Collector, I bet the honey was a perfect addition. Must try that!
Razmataz, I'm happy you tried the cake - will check it out! Isn't it delicious? Newspaper rules, for gift wrap...I know you think so too ;)
Diana, hope to see you at Latitude!
Lisa, enjoy your last 5 days in Dubai!

Natasha said...

I would love to receive a gift wrapped like that! Very pretty. And the arepas look and sound delicious, yum!
Why oh why are weekends always so short?! :(
Natasha :)

c and d said...

that look so delicious (both the gifts and the food!). i can't tell you how great it was to end the night at latitude after being at 2 other dining establishments that night. i'm genuinely not just saying that. the desserts and cocktails were enthusiastically enjoyed by all.

Jan | Poppytalk said...

Wow, I'm ordering one of those! And pretty wrap!

christine donee said...

I love using old paper for gift wrapping! I find myself with an excess of paper grocery bags, and I'd feel sorta bad about it except I make sure to use them for wrapping. I love the brown paper bag look with a pop of color from ribbons and bows :)

Thanks for sharing!


Pearl said...

I was just on your site. I'm like a lover of interior design photos! And now to meet a photographer. You have amazing talent!