Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Observations

It's been a pretty great weekend here, for Vancouverites, with the Canucks up 2-0 against the Bruins. Go Canucks! Bring it home!
We took advantage of the sunshine in Vancouver today, before jumping on the ferry to Victoria. I'm back in Victoria (on Vancouver Island) for another crack of dawn shoot. This time I brought my husband to assist me.

That's it for my Sunday. What did you do today?
If you missed Friday's post, click here to check out the give away! I'll be making the draw next Wednesday.

Back on Monday!


Mary Hudson said...

Looks beautiful! Victoria is so pretty.
I got a nice sunburn at Italian Day on the Drive today.
I'm excited to go check out "Land" — where is it exactly?

Amanda said...


:D :D :D

great photos! i really want to visit vancouver & victoria someday!

Lady Grey said...

Beautiful photos! What a dreamy weekend.

Ola said...

this means a perfect Sunday!

kate / tinywarbler said...

oh, you had perfect weather for your shoot and the ferry ride! i hope you had a great time.
love that bowl (or plate?)
and i read a little anthology today too! (er, yesterday)

our little love nest said...

I closed my eyes and pretended to be back home. I love your posts!! Thinking I will do a little post featuring your photography today. (because I love it and everyone should have the chance to see it :)

PinkPanthress said...

So love the 2'nd image from the bottom. Your pictures are amazing as always!
Also, very nice of your Hubby to be your Assistant for the Day!

Oh, and the wooden spoon from the 1'st image, it looks just like the ones we bought in the small mountain village in North-Turkey, where my mother hails from.
Food tastes better with them, don't you think? ;)

P.S.: Thnx for keeping us informed on the Canucks games via Twitter!

jessica said...

that ferry photo is STUNNING!
glad you had a wonderful weekend!

lisaroyhandbags said...

Looks like a fantastic weekend! Love your finds and as always your pics are great - love the daisies. I've been a bit under the weather, hence the lack of posts and visits but hoping to bounce back this week xo

elisa rathje said...

looks like a lovely day. i adore the ferry to the island, i've made it annually since i was a tiny child. you've got the perfect accompaniment there. i love a sunny trip out on the deck. i'll do this in july!

my sunday was spent reuniting with dear old friends in your neighbourhood, dear! 19th and main, picnic in the park. so sunny i turned pink!


Rosalind said...

I LOVE Vancouver Island, it has been a looooong time since I visited there