Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Fantasies

Do any of you have "Friday fantasties", but you know they will remain just that - fantasties? This coming weekend is one of those for me. I would love to be frolicking in the water, or just lounging by the water, but the reality is I'll be doing some post production and assisting a sister with her move (I'm happy to do it, Wendy. Really.).


What would you like to do, or are doing, this lovely weekend? Feel free to make me envious. Have a good one!

PS. I goofed. I accidentally "rejected" a comment, that I meant to "publish". It was a really sweet comment too. I'm sorry about that!


Pooch Morning Glory said...

im heading to the multicultural festival in kitchener-waterloo, then a punk show...guys from back in my teen years; the forgotten rebels. haha , a fitting name now 30 years later :)
have a good one

Gigi said...

Ah, weekend fantasies! My weekend will combine work and play. We're heading up to Maine for two weeks, but I bring my work with me everywhere I go, which I actually enjoy, so that's okay, especially if I can type while sitting by the ocean, which is what I'll be doing as much as I can!

Hope you get to squeeze some fun into your weekend! xo Gigi

lisaroyhandbags said...

I'd love to be lounging, overlooking an ocean somewhere but the reality is that it's raining here and I've got a ton of sewing to do for an upcoming arts fair so I'll have to leave it as a fantasy too... : )

koralee said...

I am dusting off my Maria bike and heading to Stanely Park for a spin with my hubby...I will be sure to bring my camera. xoxoxo
have a great day.


I wish I had time to dream.... sadly its all work, work work at the moment. Soon, a holiday - I hope !!!

Robe said...

OK, so Australia is heading home.... C'mon you England! (Just don't mention the war)!!! The Cascade Room - 7a.m.

Missing Goat said...

I'm harvesting garlic and will be in the greenhouse all weekend - but we are going to the cabin next week - that's an escape!

arvi said...

Such a generous sister. I'd have loved to step on the sands of Long Beach and gaze across the Pacific Ocean but Sarah and I treated ourselves to part one of our move to a new home the backyard of which will some Friday offer a sweet fantasy...but first to pack and unpack.

Pinecone Camp said...

Mission accomplished. Gigi, your working vacation sounds perfect.
Hope you enjoyed your biking around Stanley Park, Koralee. Perfect day for it.
Pooch Morning of the forgotten rebels please!
Arvi, hope the move went well. See you both soon!