Friday, September 3, 2010

Mid-Century Modern Love

It's been a week of cleaning the house and quickly the week flew by. Eep. It's September!

In an interview earlier this week, I was asked about some of homes I've photographed, and what were some of my faves.  I have to say it's the ones that are a mid-century modern style, mixed with anything and everything. I personally have some mid-century pieces mixed with new and some flea market junk tossed in for good measure (I say 'junk' in a very loving way).

The following homes all had a nice mix of style, that perfectly suited the homeowners. I'm a little less "minimal" than these though ;) (that would be less "tidy").

This home was reno'd by Andrea Mclean for her very modern parents.

Ahh, Bertoia chairs. Love them.

I've been trying to find side tables like this here in Vancouver. Not an easy task. Cushion is from Ouno Design. 

An impossibly tidy home office. I want the Saarinen "womb" chair. Dream. 

I loved the deck off the kitchen. The happy yellow chairs are vintage 70's Solair chair, designed and made in Canada. I have a couple of green ones, but I would love the yellow. They were known as "motel" chairs, and never taken too seriously, until recently. They've been relaunched, but I still prefer the old ones with a touch of rust ;)  

This next home is a beautiful reno of a 75 year old home. The designer (also the homeowner) is Catherine Radcliffe of Riesco & Lapres.

Catherine's office is on the left, and the upstairs hallway office is generally used by her two sons. Great use of extra space.

Catherine in her comfy Eames chair. Love the orange Eames bucket chair mixed with her country style dining table.

One of Catherine's sons rooms. So cute.

Her youngest son's bedroom. I love his secret closet where he can just play his guitar. My husband needs a secret closet. 

On a final note for Friday, I did a little DIY project for was posted yesterday. Oops. Check it out if you can. Maybe a fun project to do with kids on this long labour day weekend (if you're in North America).


Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

I love both of these houses! I need a pair of those Solair chairs! And I love the leaded windows in the second house. I saw your DIY project on Poppytalk yesterday. I definitely want to make one in the future!

Gigi said...

Oh, if I only I could be so minimalist (tidy). My house is always a tangle of cords and cats and books and shoes. And I have no excuse since I don't have kids!

Love these spaces--and, of course, your beautiful photos. My own style is slightly earlier 20th c, but I love to mix a little mid-century in. I could never be all one period, especially with my magpie tendencies!

Have a great weekend, Janis!

christine said...

I love those Solair chairs! My grandma used to have some blue ones and they were my absolute fav! If only I would have known to tell her to hang on to some of these goodies!

Have a great weekend!

shopgirl said...

I love the little touches in all of these rooms. My favourite are the splashes of colour - especially the red. I just finished painting a block of wall red in the kitchen with chalkboard paint. It needs some finishing touches, but I like it!

Have a happy weekend sweetie!

lisaroyhandbags said...

I love these spaces! So clean and simple and the pops of colour in all the interesting accessories are great :)

be sure to enter my HANDBAG GIVEAWAY on my blog!

Karena said...

Great images very fun to see this style in its own spaces!

Art by Karena

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Wow! Wonderful homes. SO light and cheery!! Love being introduced to the Solair chair!

jan said...

I LOVE all your picks Janis! Those happy yellow chairs are calling my name in a big big way. Beautiful photo's -nice to see what you like. And where's this interview?

Bridget said...

i LOVE all of those images. ahhhhh my house needs a redo.

Kerry said...

Hi Janis. What wonderful homes and photos of them! I really love the dining room in the second. I loved your book over at Poppytalk too..much more useful than my crocheted rock, although I did really appreciate your very generous comment and I'd love to make one for you...what colour!

shari @ little blue deer said...

I love this! You can do it in a lot of houses, too, it isn't limited! My husband has a "secret closet," it's our bathroom, lol! Have a wonderful weekend!

Flo said...

The book is so cute ! And a place for the secret messages... So Whaou !

Pooch Morning Glory said...

haa we had those solair chairs. i dont remember what colour tho...
have a great weekend