Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Observations

What a fantastic weekend. It's been sunny, and I became an auntie for the 10th time! How was your weekend? What did you get up to?

The day started off with an early morning shoot at Granville Island with my husband. We're working on a project for a hotel so it was pretty fun, though a tad early. ;)

I finally found a new bag for my 17" macbook pro. I have to haul it around to my shoots, so it had to be roomy and sturdy.  A little better than the actual computer's box that I've been toting. Love the stripes!

We were hanging out with one of our nieces today, so we thought a game of Toss Across was in order. It's a vintage game, so it's missing some bean bags. We created some new split pea bags.

That's it for today. I'm now sipping a refreshing Main Street Pilsner. Yum. If you live in the Vancouver area, have you had one?

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Back soon.


elisa rathje said...

i am quite frankly envious of your weekends! congratulations! aunts are so great. toss across sounds like a good game. we had a swim in the ocean after getting well and truly hot on the beach today, glorious summer! then a very casual family barbecue, with plans for a fine one on our last weekend. x!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

your weekends always look so cool! great bag btw xx

Mary Hudson said...

I love your weekends too! Ten nieces and nephews — wow!
My mom was in town and we attended a wedding where I was the official shadow to the bride and groom's 16 month old daughter. My hands still feel sticky from blowing bubbles.
Now I'm enjoying the peace and quiet, the setting sun, and a gin and ginger.

shellie said...

what a nice sunday! your pea bags are too cute and love the picture of the magic lantern cherries at the top. they are my favorites!

ThisTinder said...

Lovely photos! I went to Tawwassen to watch Jurassic Park outside under the stars :) There are so many outdoor movies in the Lower Mainland this summer so I'm definitely going to hit up some more...E.T is next on my list!

Edins House said...

Congrats on being an Auntie! The 10th time is probably just as good as the 1st :-) Love your new MacBook case... the stripes ARE terrific!

shopgirl said...

The design on your new bag is eye-catching! Congratulations on being an aunt must be hard to keep up with all those birthdays.

Glad you had a wonderful weekend Janis!

MissBliss said...

congrats! i remember how fun bean bags were as a kid... should try with my niece! love that cover! and as always your beautiful pics!

Jan | Poppytalk said...

congratulations auntie! and such an amazing aunt you are! lucky kids!

looks like a lovely weekend, and like that bag!

PinkPanthress said...

Congratulations, Janis! ❤
Best wishes to the new mother...
I hope you don't mind me being so nosy, is it a boy or a girl?

Also, WOW for being such a crafty Aunt, who just knocks out new bean bags for the vintage game. :)

Pinecone Camp said...

Shelley, those are "magic lantern" cherries? Never heard them called that, but I love it.
Elisa, I'm happy you're having some Vancouver summer before you go back to England ;)
Pink Panthress, it's a girl. She's a big one too!
Mary, I bet your friend's little girl loved blowing bubbles with you...even more than you did ;)
ThisTinder, I have to see a movie outdoors this summer! Sounds like so much fun.

jessica said...

your photography skills are amazing!! and i LOVE your new bag! i'm a sucker for stripes!!

le@thirdontheright said...

love love love the bag ... just love !! le xox